Data & Analytics

 It’s true, businesses that have access to up-to-date usable data are able to forecast more accurately, react more quickly and gain the agility to be proactive rather than just reactive to customer’s needs.

But, many businesses either don’t understand, or simply cannot meaningfully utilise, the value that exists in their own data.

PeriscoPe handles all the complications of gathering, connecting, computing and visualising data so our Partners can focus on using insights to target the right customer at the right time with the right product. The insights gained from using the automated reporting and dashboards tools from PeriscoPe help you understand how your customer shops and engages with you across your eCommerce website, physical stores, social channels, customer service, and more. They also provide you information on what offers, experiences, messages and product your customers respond best to.

By analysing campaigns, customers, competitors and content to continually optimise your efforts, you can improve customer lifetime value, acquisition and retention. And because of our knowledge of how eCommerce works, we also make sure you can examine the efficiency and effectiveness of your eCommerce operations to ensure that you’re providing more consistent, positive (and profitable) experiences to customers.

PeriscoPe’s Data & Analytics practitioners are made up of highly experienced eCommerce analysts and data scientists who work closely with our developers, marketers, buyers and operator so our reports, dashboards and insights provide you the meaningful views needed to action improvement and, ultimately, growth.

Data & Analytics isn’t just about getting access to up-to-date data, it’s about making better business-decisions, simpler.

We love talking shop on how data & insights is enhancing eCommerce. If your business has a data problem or if you'd like to understand more on PeriscoPe capabilities get in touch here