Digital Marketing


 The highly skilled PeriscoPe team is dedicated to delivering performance-driven digital marketing strategy and management across key channels.

Our approach is continuously evolving to keep pace with the landscape & customer, they are an ever-moving target. We think about digital marketing a little differently..

We don’t think of digital marketing in terms of spend, we think of it in terms of investment.

Every dollar we invest on behalf of our partners has a clear target, a key performance indicator and an outcome that is continually evolving towards optimal efficiency. This requires calculated outcomes, prescribed based on data generated from forensic research and existing intellectual property.

We don’t think of digital marketing in terms of technology, we think of it in terms of people.

We have assembled a team of world class marketers that actively seek the opportunities that deliver the best outcomes to our Partners’ challenges, with a healthy obsession with data. We offer an experienced, heavily specialised eCommerce-focused approach to marketing that is unique in today’s marketplace.

We don’t think of digital marketing as an agency, we think of it as a partnership.

We combine our people, partners and accreditations with leading marketing, media and tech partners to provide your investment, people and technology benefits from valuable marketplace & competitive insights, beta and first-to-market opportunities, as well as decisive problem-solving and idea generation.

PeriscoPe's digital marketing capabilities include world class strategy & management across:

  • Paid search 
  • Organic search (SEO)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Programatic 
  • Paid social
  • Email marketing
We'd relish the opportunity to talk more about your business and how PeriscoPe's digital marketing capabilities can help create efficient growth. Connect with us here.