eCommerce Operations

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 Efficient and functional eCommerce requires the juggling of many operational functions, often in stereo.

Technology and process can help aid these crucial aspects and allow sustainable scaled growth.

Unfortunately, the need for a wide array of skill sets is needed to effectively execute eCommerce and those businesses sub-scale lack the cash flow to sustain such a team. Enter PeriscoPe CamPus, developed largely to solve this issue by providing access to not just exceptional eCommerce practitioners across all elements of eCommerce operations, but in “shope as you go” volumes, allowing scalable and sustainable development.

The PeriscoPe CamPus Crew possess extensive expertise in establishing, optimizing and executing all elements of the eCommerce operation. We’ll both guide and provide executional services at the volumes required for your business. Maximise effectiveness without the need of a full time army of eCommerce unicorns.

Services include:

  • Photography
  • Customer Service
  • Business Administration
  • People & Culture
  • Brand & Creative