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As consumer expectations skyrocket, the need to constantly improve the speed and quality of your product handling cycles and fulfillment are vital.

 The process, the people and the technology all need to work together harmoniously to propel a logistics engine that is responsible for satiating an endless customer appetite for options, speed, accuracy and savings.  Get one part wrong and your profit ships out with each package, but get the other part wrong, and you compromise your customer’s patience and loyalty.  

PeriscoPe is positioned to help you develop or optimise your logistical operations with both internal focus on process, infrastructure and technology and external facing carrier negotiations and integrations. Just as importantly, we’ll make sure that you have access to reporting and transparency into your operations so you can continually work on improving your efficiency.

We have a self confessed obsession with the inner workings of logistics. Although not as visible to your customer, it is the last stop on your customer’s journey so your logistics ultimately fuels the lasting impression. That’s why, to us, logistics is the true engine room of eCommerce.