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Marketplaces will impact your customer, your brand and your business.

With these platforms abound, burying your head in the sand might keep you from seeing the impact coming, but it won’t help your business survive, much less thrive. That’s why an understanding of how these Marketplaces will impact your business, brand and customer is essential.

The PeriscoPe team are here to ensure those impacts are positive. We have an educated, global view of both the opportunities and threats that marketplaces present retail businesses, based on our collective experience across multiple regions.

We take a fulsome, client-customised approach across distribution strategies, pricing strategies and enforcement of terms to permit sustainable eCommerce activities across the evolving marketplace landscape.

PeriscoPe offers technology feed creation and management to a wide array of marketplace channels that allows you to syndicate your product, protect your brand and achieve your financial objectives. We also offer comprehensive observation, reporting and policing of marketplaces and other digital retail channels to give you transparency and insights into marketplace activity.

Connect with a PeriscoPe marketplaces specialist to talk about your business and a sustainable marketplaces strategy