Platform & Development

By the time you finish reading this, over 571 new websites will have been created. Exciting times, right?

Well, kind of. With lowered barriers to entry and seemingly infinite options, we have seen the eCommerce space become congested with homogenised, brand-less and thoughtless storefronts, and platforms.

The problem is, much like a finely paired wine, technology & platform is about enhancing the experience, not weighing it down. The abundance of tools, technologies and apps available to businesses of all sizes (from start-ups to multinationals) can be overwhelming and expensive. Fortunately, we have been around the platform block many times over and have gained quite a nose for eCommerce technology. Like your skilled Sommelier, but for eCommerce, we can match a technology platform and functionality to your business needs and dreams to provide solutions that benefit both you and your customers.

Be it through an effectiveness audit for improvement and optimisation, a re-platform RFP process, build project management or a full turn key platform development build, PeriscoPe focuses on the tools, technologies and opportunities that will allow your business to sustainably meet your customer and operational requirements today, and just as importantly, tomorrow.

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