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PeriscoPe CaPital was established to facilitate accelerated growth of emerging eCommerce businesses through access to both investment and expertise.

Our CaPital partners receive direct mentorship from the PeriscoPe founders, who help guide partners on the most effective application of capital, as well as provide on-going strategic support. And as a key source for identifying potential CaPital partners, our CamPus services provide access to skilled eCommerce labour and best in class execution that would otherwise not be financially viable to SMEs (small to medium size enterprises). Through our approach of providing partner’s access to intelligent capital, we seek to help eCommerce business achieve that next level.

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eCommerce SMEs in particular are often are too small for private equity, too risky for debt and too big for family/self-financing. To complicate matters, it can also be difficult to determine how best to put capital to use. PeriscoPe CaPital is in a unique position to help emerging eCommerce business that need just a little bit more –we help you access capital, we guide you through the most effective application of your investment and we back you with strategic and executional support.

 If, and when, you’re ready to sell your digitally enabled business, PeriscoPe CaPital can assist in the process. We work with you to tell your story to the investor community and provide you the necessary support to showcase your business’ financial and operational strengths.  In addition, we are able to introduce you to strategic partners interested in full or partial divestments of your business.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about how PeriscoPe CamPus partners can, in time enjoy the growth driving initiatives of PeriscoPe CaPital.