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paid search

It’s true that setting up a campaign on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising is easier than it’s ever been, but structuring, connecting, scaling and optimizing search activity for maximum performance around the unique profile of a business requires specialist practitioners. The PeriscoPe paid search team is built with truly skilled specialists with deep platform & industry experience.

PeriscoPe clients communicate with our paid search people directly (no layers of account management). Naturally, we’ve cultivated long term, premier partnerships with Google, Microsoft and other global search partners offering our clients enhanced opportunities for support and development.

Like most ubiquitous digital advertising platforms the advent of machine learning and AI is transforming the channel and the approaches and skills practitioners need. We a take balanced and sensible approach to automation with smart testing to leveraging some of this capability but using human decision making to augment decision making in line with client objectives.

Paid Search - Google Ads & PPC Agency Diving Into the Depths

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